Monday, January 12, 2009

Posting for Richard

We Look like a bunch of out-laws!

I will post this because I feel sorry for my dad and he also needs a good swift kick in the pants for not updating. So far Dad and Sherri have been really working hard and keeping themselves busy. They have put a lot of time into their house and i must say I think it looks great. They got a new front door in and it looks huge! And they painted their pepto colored house brown. What a difference that makes. They gave each of us kids a great Christmas and everyone enjoyed themselves. Sherri even managed to surprise my dad by getting him a Wii! He got a little upset with her because they weren't supposed to get each other anything but it was great to see him surprised. We got it all set up for them and we sat down and played The Price is Right. I think that they are really liking this system.

Dad recently got called to be over the 11 year olds for scouting and he seems to be really liking it. He sounded frustrated because their leader before him really didn't do anything with the boys but play games with them so dad is in major catch up mode with most of the boys who are about to graduate to the 12 year olds.

As the rest of the family goes they really try hard to keep everyone happy and they are and have been doing a great job. We have had some difficulties in the family and some have stayed away for their own reasons but dad and Sherri have really done as much as they can to try to bring the family together. I have come to realize that as much as we want to try to help and get those individuals back on the right track it is ultimately up to them. I along with Jolynn have told dad to keep his head high and realize that he has done all he can and that he has to know that he taught these people right from wrong and that the he has to just hope that some day they will be back. At least he has us around to bring them up and keep them trudging along.

We love you Dad and Sherri!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's about Time!!!

(This is to show Brent that we ate his favorite dinner without him!)

Well hello again and late, my excuse this time is Sherrie was going to write and chickened out. A lot of good things have happened and a few not so. We have enjoyed the coming of the cooler weather and all that it means for us Desert Rats. The A/C is off and the windows are open, the daytime temps are in the 70's, overnite in the 50's. We love it so much. We had our usual Halloween with 2 little ones and bri and jo's kids. Did they ever get the candy. I am a little worried about the cross dressing Conner, looks so cute.

We have mourned ASU's downfall this year and even hurt for the Y and the tuff loss to Utah. One thing we can count on is that Brent is there to make it all make sense. We are looking forward to the Territorial Cup against UofGay. They need to step up and save the season. Woiuld not hurt if Tuitama broke his leg.

Had a great Thanksgiving Day. So glad to have Brent and Kami down, although we missed the kids. Man did we eat good and had plenty to go around. We were blessed to have Grandma Ellsworth here from Denver, we love her so much for all that she brings to the family and how she cares so much for all of us. The only way I could show her was to make the rolls that she was going to make while she was talking to Sherrie. She got even by putting them in the pan as I cut and rolled them. Made a coconut cream, banana cream, pumpkin and apple pie the night before and Nancy brought a pecan pie, Also had two 20 pound Turkeys in the oven. Agood trick I have learned is to put an apple in the bird, as I don't stuff them. Makes them so much more moist and so tasty.

We had so much fun with the game playing and how Kami likes to play 7 up and hold the 7's to try to get BK Morty to fire up and maybe cuss a little bit. Also played 99 and generally had a good time. Seemed that Brent was right behind Blake to be the first ones out, just a thought.

On Saturday morning Sherrie and I got all the Christmas decorations up as you can see. The house is now a winter wonderland. Does make it all so festive and the Yuletide bright. Heard that before. Took Mom to the airport this morning at 5:30 am, on my way to work, and now we miss her, hope Gena and Marianne are happy and proud of themselves. I have always known that I had a special place in my moms heart right behind Sharon, Gena, Marianne, and Dean. Makes me feel so good........

Some of my faves are,

1. This timne of year with all the wonderful meanings that it brings to us with the life of our Saviour. It is really too bad that it takes us a while to learn this.

2. The chance to go out in all the crowds of rude and crappy people and get shoved and pushed just to get a present for someone.

3. The opportunity to spend all the money that the family hasn't gotten out of you through the year.

4. The chance to see the joy on the faces of the little grandkids when they get their presents, it is all about them.

5. The chance to go through the season with my wonderful wife, she means so much to me for all that she has seen me through and the unconditional love that she shows me, thus providing the opportunity for me to return it to her 10 fold, well try too anyway.

6. For each of my children and for the good things that they try to do in their lives and their families lives, just remember that your mother is aware of you and your lives and is probably very involved trying to help you from the other side.

May God bless each and every one of you that have touched my life and have a wonderful holiday and be safe.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Well here goes another stab at being a good blogger. This last week or so was very eventful. First was the visit of the Saint George Ellsworths. Always good to see them, even though Brent wanted the family to go to the cross town rival football game. For those of you who do not know how my son operates, any team he backs to win has a better than 90% chance to lose. He backed Mesa High and they suffered their worst defeat of the year at the hands of the Mt. Vies Toros. He will never learn.

And on a note closer to home, I called him when the BYU Cougars were playing TCU. He ispulling for the Cougs now, need I say more to the Little family. You had better keep him for the other team or face the kiss of death. My beloved uncle Herman made some friendly wagers with Brent on college football and even let him choose the games, he had to die with Brent owing him the bucks. It is an endless story.

Now for my Sunday 6, in no particular order;

1. I am grateful for fast Sunday and the opportunity to share in the spirit of the meetings, and yes to even share my testimony. I only wish to hear my families also.

2. I am grateful for Brian and the good son that he is, for the wood work he has done around our house and the good dad that he is, not to mention the good husband that he has become, Jolynn will back me up on this one.

3. I am grateful for Lyndsey and Jolynn for being daughters that I am so proud of, and for the good job they do in honoring motherhood and Sherrie and I as parents.

4. I am grateful for Lizzie the dog, an undying companion to the end that loves me unconditionally'

5. Even more grateful am I for my good wife without whom I sould be nothing in this world. She keeps me on an even keel and presents good judgement and common sense. She makes this life bearable and complete.

6. I am thankful for ovens, without which no delectable baked goods could come into the world. Baking offers me a release of tension, besides if you bake good everyone may even like you.

We have had the house painted and now like it better, now we have to start the inside, and all the honey do's. I will become more proficient with the camera and get some pix up soon. I lovc you all and pray for your continued health and prosperity.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Well, here is a stab at my Sunday 6.

1. I am truly thankful for my wife who stands by me (albeit shortly) through the trials and joys of this life. She has been my rock and my strength and a voice of reason when I get skewed.

2. I am grateful to be able to attend the Priesthood session with my son and grandson, miss Brent being there but the ice cream after was still good.

3. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost manifesting to me during conference that the truth is being spoken. The Gospel is our safe haven in the storm around us.

4. I am grateful for the Saviors love for us and the example that he is. It makes it easoer to deal with my latest test. Just let me say that we have our freedom to choose as we please, but the one choosing is not the only one affected by that choice. How true are the words that Susan said, don't feel sorry for me, you have to stay here and deal with all the trouble in the world. AMEN

5. I am grateful for all the grandchildren that I am blessed with, and so very happy for the 2 newest to bless our lives.

6. I am grateful for the daughters that I have, and for the things that they bring to the table of life, especially for Kami and the love that she gives to Brent, unconditionally, I may be prejudiced, but he deserves a break, thank you all,I love you.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cruise Slide Show

Alaskan Cruise!!

Well well well, I am back now and no worse for the wear. All of you remember that as a senior in high school I got a flier urging us to go to classes on the new wave of the future, computers, and I scoffed at this new idea and said that it would never get off the ground. That is the level of intelligence on computers that I deal with. A little sympathy here.

You have seen the slide show of our Alaska trip, a few words about it. We have never in our lives on this earth seen a land so green and wild and beautiful. Fog and mist everywhere, low clouds and some drizzling rain. we had sun in Ketchikan and fog, clouds and mist every where else. The temps stayed between 53 and 60 with no wind or measurable rain in port. Victoria Canada was the coolest stop at 48 and a slight breeze and what a quaint and beautifu island it is situated on.

We cruised out of Seattle and let me tell you that is one hilly city and is full of save the earth mountain muffins. I couldn't have a paper in my hand and someone would ask to recycle it for me. Geeesh. The streets Are so narrow and shaded. Nice place to visit and leave from.

We next hit Ketchikan, the site of the famous airplane ride over the mountains and glaciers. It is a tiny city built on the very steep slopes of the low ridges. It is 1/2 mile wide and 4 miles long. Some of the pix are of the houses way away from everyone else. The sewer lines are under ground here as ther is no perma frost, but the outlying homes have outdoor privies. Here is where we rode a jet Catamaran, covered and all with toilets for 3 hours up the Misty Fijord. Once again, to see all the mountains and the islands are one big mountain made of granitr with a layer of spongy material from 6 inche to a couple of feet thick. The trees grow in this with no roots in the ground, the first hydroponics on earth. We could see all th striations from the glaciers and all the thousands of little waterfalls that run continually off thesides. There was this cool little jagged peak sticking up from middle of the Fijord and it had vegetation all over it. Some loggers wife went out to this and planted all of the plants she had in her home when they left. The Botantists came along years later and were amazed at the plants on this spit if rok in the middle of nowhere and the water. They spent 5years and millions of dollars to find out what miracle of nature and evolution put them ther. The logger was reading about this miracle one day and called the government boys and told them it was his wife what planted them there.....In Ketchikan they have a street there called Creek Street, all on stilts over the water, 20 or so buildings from the gold days and all for prostituts as they were not on ground and hence no laws. Now they are all shops etc. Everything in these towns were in good repair as the weather causes slow deterioration. Of course all the tourist shops. You can see some shots up and down the streets.

Next was Juneau, third largest city in Alaska covering some 3800 square miles and 30,000 people. A cool place but Mrs. Palin was not home. It is the state capital. it is also where we went up the extremely steep Tram to the top of a very high mountain. Replete with a bird sanctuary and restaurant and many more people looking for a tip. Also had a few seals playing around the boat, much safer than swimming with Shamus kin. Everything there wants to eat you.

Next we went to Skagway, population of 800, 2800 with a cruise ship in port. All the ports are up to the edge of town as the inland passage way and the Fijords are 1000 feet or more. It is built on a spit of flat land which had been carved out of the valley from the glacier further up the valley. Being created this way makes the ground unstable and the town is in a State Park which leads to the price of an 85 year old house, 600,000 dollars. no new homes can be started without a lot of red tape and geological surveys. One main street and the Red Onion saloon, famous for the ladies who worked there. It is home to some summer folk who leave after the last cruise ship and before the first freeze. Neat place to visit,

Then south to Victoria. What a beautiful place, and so colorful. One park covers 155 acres and the smallest one is 3 by 6 feey, there is a picture if it. No more building there on the island, 100 square feet costs you 600,000 dollars. We saw a retirement home(picture of a light brown building) where they pay 6000 bucks a month. There are either college students or retirees there now and the parliament buildings and over 1300 hanging pots of flowers, green and colorful.

We are now home and happy to see the dog, no hassles and she only wants to please you and be loved. Good to be home on the 100 degree heat,yechhhhh. It was nice to get away on our first real vacation since the I Do's. Our Father In Heaven has made us a very beauitiful world in which to live.

Here is the little lady standing and looking up Creel Street at the old houses of ill repute. The water looks roppled becuse thousands of Salmon are migrating up stream. There were many dead ones also which had a different odor about them.

these next two shots are of us on the balcony of our room and watching Seattle go by, boo hoo hoo hoo. please recycle everything and hike up our streets.
do I jump or stay with the boat, looks mighty cold.

I noticed in these next couple of pictures of dad that he likes to pose for pictures.

This is the biggest bald eagle in Ketchikan, carved by the local tribe. There are a lot of bald eagles around southeastern ciostline, but very hard to get close to them.

This is the old guy trying to decide whether or not to go in and get a drink of cola. This is the very famous attraction for the gold miners in the rush days of Juneau. Could not find Sherrie, did she go in and start to work??????

Sunday, September 21, 2008


YES there is going to be new posts soon. My father has been slacking and I am getting his blog up and going again. They just got back from their Alaskan Cruise and I am getting the pictures and stuff ready for it. Hold on to your seats people, this blog IS going to have a new post!!!!! I know, it is hard to maintain your enthusiasm.